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At cosmedicFX we believe in making learning easy.


The PMU industry has come a very long way in recent years. 

Both technique and technology has moved forward at an amazing pace.

We have identified, researched and studied with some of the best artists worldwide. 

Bringing the very latest innovative techniques, contemporary styles and procedures to you - OnLine.

Our Focus

Our focus is a step by step learning method that makes skills transfer to you easily accessible and enjoyable. Our scope of training and coaching courses range from Foundation Modules for beginners, UpSkill Workshops for qualified and intermediate learners, to advanced technique MasterClasses for the experienced PMU Professional.

  • PMU Foundation courses with preset Online Theory, at-homework and Practical Assessment days at various locations throughout the UK.

  • Online advanced level MasterClasses for the more experienced tech who wants to UpSkill to the next level.

  • Our courses cover every element of PMU, from Classic HairStrokes, FeatheredFX HairStrokes, BarelyThereBrows, OmbreFXBrows and MocroBlading, to BarelyThereLips, Lipline Blend and Blush and our Smoky KohlFX Eyes.

  • Our OnLine digital One2One learning - sharing with you - through the advantages and accessibility of technology - the PMU world.


Training Director

Scott Crawford-Triggs

With 35 Years experience in the beauty industry, Scott began his PMU career in 2009, first qualifying in foundation PMU before swiftly progressing to Medical, NAC, Camouflage, SMP, MicroBlading, Meso Therapy DermaPen, Foundation and Advanced Injectable Filler, Cannula Technique, Thread Therapy and Thread Lift. His passion and drive to constantly hone his skills, realise knowledge and discovery, to deconstruct, understand, reconstruct and share his learning, leads Scott to work with international artists and forward thinking companies all over the world. Scott continues to drive the innovative and creative side of the business - presenting the latest internationally recognised techniques in advanced Facial Aesthetics and PMU. Developing his own signature techniques and skills, he produces directs and presents Advanced Training and MasterClass courses all over the UK. Voted UK Trainer of The Year in 2020 by his peers he continues to strive for Learning, Education, Innovation, Best Practice and Best Aesthetic result. Scott’s special interest is SuperSoft BarelyThere cosmetic tattoo procedures, with clear consistent colour and fine translucent healed results. In 2017, BarelyThereBrows:registered: and BarelyThereLips:registered: were registered and trademarked, as his own branded technique. Scott is the founder, Creative Director and Chief Executive at cosmedicFX PMU TRAINING DEVELOPMENT. In addition to executive duties and the driving force behind corporate concept and philosophy, he is the lead developer in skills-innovation, training and coaching. Scott is resolute in his passion for the new, the innovative and creativity of our industry.



I started out in the Hair and Beauty Industry 15 years ago first as a salon manager and then area manager for a small chain of up-market salon. I decided to develop treatment and procedure skills and completed my NVQ level 4 in 2008 going on to qualify as a Lash Technician and trainer. In 2012 I qualified as a Thermavein specialist treating through thermo coagulation a wide variety of interesting skin anomaly’s. In 2014 I went on to train in Chryosthetic, adding to my treatment skill set. In 2015 I trained as an SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) technician and have built a good reputation in that discipline - attending masterclasses with various companies both here in the UK and Israel. In 2018, I further advanced my procedure qualifications Glow Aesthetics + Training qualifying in Advanced TCA Chemical Peels, Meline Peels and Advanced Dermaplaning. Apart from my clinic based responsibilities, I am also the Managing Director of cosmedicFX and in addition ,responsible for training logistics, social media management and development.

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Luisa Krayem Aesthetics

My parents said they wanted to get me something special for my 40th birthday - so I chose one to one training with Scott! I did ombré brow and lip techniques and it completely changed my skill set and way of thinking in pmu. Everything was very methodical and easy to understand. Scott was very patient and encouraging and generous with his knowledge. Scott and CJ are very approachable have been quick to respond to any questions I have had since training. A complete game changer!

Ingrid Eades


For years I’ve done training courses with training schools and individual trainers but no one has made it stick in my head like Scott, he breaks it down for you into a step by step process and explains the “why” not just the “how”. I can honestly say hand on heart that he has totally changed the way I work and I am so much happier with the work I am creating! I will definitely be doing more training with him! He’s an absolute super star trainer.

Becci Gibbons

Diamond Quay Ltd

If you are searching for a trainer to completely transform your work and mindset, it’s certainly Mr Triggs... Not only is he highly talented but has such a way with words that makes your brain absorb the knowledge so easily! The mentoring doesn’t stop there.. you will become a proud member of the Triggletts - a great support group where we share our progress & all help support one another with our journeys I rated my first course with him so highly I immediately booked on to another.. there will be no regrets! Ps: Sunday mornings are not complete until you have seen Scott & CJ at the gym or in their kitchen - being easy on the eye is also a great teaching technique 😉 visual learning!

Lalee Forouzesh

Halo Aesthetics

Well what can I say about Mr Triggs one2one Trainings... Not only do you get the most caring beautiful man that is pure eye candy,(rare to see these days) swoooon.... His training skills are ridiculously amazing! I have spent thousands on training at different training academies, but I have to say his is the best I have ever done! I cannot wait to enhance further with him! Lips and liner next oh and ombré! I cannot recommend him enough, truly the best in everything he does! Thank you Scott and of course CJ

Amy Allen

DLS Clinic Ltd

If you want to be the best you can be, you need to train with the best. Scott is a PMU Guru and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for comprehensive training to help you consistently achieve amazing results.

Phil Davis 🙏🏼❤️

I spent most of 2019 hoping to invite Scott Triggs to train me at my clinic. In September I realised that goal. I was delighted that not only was Scott a superbly knowledgable PMU trainer but, he was also as genuinely fun, friendly, kind, articulate and interesting as his Facebook persona led me to believe. I was already qualified and 5yrs into my permanent makeup career however, I’ve always believed that it’s important to update, maintain AND improve your skills & understanding of your industry. So I was thrilled to have Scott all to myself to learn and perfect a treatment (Microblading hairstyles & powder/ombré shading eyebrow tattooing) which my satisfied clients love. It was a pleasure to meet Scott Triggs and the privilege to work with him is something I hold dear. The ongoing support, advice and encouragement he provides AFTER the training has been as useful to me as an artist since as I’ve access to his notorious Triggletts WhatsApp group too. Thank you Scott.

Gudrun Lax

SPMU North Wales.

Training with Scott Triggs is so methodical... each treatment is split into micro steps working up to the whole procedure...not only do you learn how do do a technique but you learn why so understanding the process is made so easy. As well as Scott and CJ being so friendly and helpful the training experience is amazing and I can't wait to do more!!!! Thank you……

Lizzie Healy

If you're thinking of training in PMU then I highly recommend training with Scott Triggs. I did two intensive days with him and I absolutely loved it! I was given so much knowledge and skills and it was so fun! I felt totally confident in performing the treatment after training and ongoing support has been fab! If you want to up your game then train with Scott🤍

Amy Pariser

Ibrowink Boutique Owner & Founder

I did my machine training with Scott last year and can fully recommend. I came away excited and confident to perform the treatments which I haven’t done after some other training courses. Scott is knowledgable friendly and articulate and made the course enjoyable throughout. He is a total perfectionist and this is evident in his work and training. Thank you once again.

Vicky Hearn

The ProSkin Clinic

I had been qualified in permanent makeup for 4 year before training with Scott. I had a break to have children and in that time, lost my confidence in techniques and colour theory etc and generally didn't feel good enough anymore. But Scott totally turned that around for me. His way of teaching was calm, fun and so clear to understand and made me proud of the results I could achieve. He is the best person that I've had the pleasure of training with and the ongoing support is amazing afterwards and incredibly encouraging. I would highly recommend Mr Triggs for training and can't wait to train with him again in the future!